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Miller-Colon Awarded MVP Honors

Saint Paul's quarterback Steffen Miller-Colon earned MVP honors in the 11th annual Western Virginia Education Classic against Bowie State University in Roanoke on Saturday. Miller-Colon threw for 157 yards against the Bulldogs, but it wasn't enough. Bowie State's Tairq Jones ran for a one yard touchdown in overtime, giving them the win.

The Tigers took control of the game early, getting a good drive start making their way up the field. Miller-Colon played with the Bulldogs defense by going to various players such as Osmund Brown for an 18 yard reception, and also obtaining five first downs ending the play with Jason Davis 16 yard rush for the first Tiger touchdown.

The Tiger's defense made big stops in the first quarter only allowing the Bulldogs to have possession for four minutes. The Bulldogs couldn't was no match for the Tiger's defense.

Saint Paul's began the second quarter with a 21 yard field goal attempt by Preston McCarthy. The referees counted it good, the score 10-0.

The second quarter would be the last time the Tigers would see the end zone again.

However, Tiger's defense made some big plays.

Bowie State's Tyrae Reid's pass was intercepted by Saint Paul's Monte Robinson, he then returned it for three yards.

The Tiger's attempted to get into the end zone, but Bowie's defense held their line causing the Tigers to punt.

Another big play was made by the Tiger's defensive back Dominic Tolson, he intercepted Bowie's Clifton Budd's touchdown attempt and then returned it for 18 yards.

The Tigers didn't bring the same fire like the beginning of the game. The Bulldogs started the third quarter with a good field goal bringing the score 10-3.

Both teams fought hard in the third quarter, but went scoreless for the rest of the quarter.

It wasn't until less than two minutes in the fourth quarter that the Tiger's defense allowed the Bulldogs to trot into the end zone and score a touchdown and getting the PAT off, tying the game 10-10.

With less than a minute left on the clock, Tiger's defensive back Christian Pride returned the kick return for 21 yards, the game went into overtime.

Saint Paul's won the coin toss and decided to be on offense.

The Bulldog's defense were in full effect and held their line, keeping players like Todd Shelton behind the line of scrimmage, and sacking Miller-Colon, resulting in a turnover  on downs.

The Bulldogs capitalized on the moment and scored a touchdown to win the game 16-10.

Saint Paul's College will play their homecoming game this Saturday against the Hawks of Chowan University in South Hill at Park View High School at 1 p.m.
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