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The James Solomon Russell Memorial Library


It is the mission of Russell Memorial Library to serve the research and general information needs of the college community, to provide our patrons with the most accurate information in the fastest and most efficient manner, and to aid students in their ability to live, learn and lead in a technological and global society.

Policy Statement

It is the right of every person using the Russell Memorial Library to pursue his or her studies in an atmosphere conducive to that purpose. We realize that some communication is necessary in order to discuss common problems, seek information from one’s peers or study as a small group. We do however request that persons using the library refrain from talking loudly and displaying inappropriate behavior because it disturbs other users. To this end, faculty are strongly discouraged from conducting formal classroom teaching in the library. All materials in the library are for the use of all patrons. No patron has the right to steal, destroy, fully or in part, any resource owned or operated by the library. Individuals who persistently abuse their library privileges will be referred to the proper authority and/or asked to leave the library.

The James Solomon Russell Memorial Library
Saint Paul’s College
115 College Drive
Lawrenceville, Virginia 23868
(Phone) 434.848.1841
(Fax) 434.848.1861

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