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Information Literacy Program



The Russell Memorial Library Information Literacy Program is designed to teach faculty, staff, and students how to effectively locate, evaluate, and utilize library resources.  As part of the libraryís mission, we believe library skills are essential to each patronís ability to live, learn, and lead in a technological and global society.




Students will be able to identify, locate and evaluate information retrieved from online databases and the Internet


Students will be able to retrieve books and videos using the libraryís OPAC TigerCat.


Students will be able to correctly cite information using MLA or APA citation styles.


Students will be familiar with services provided by the Russell Memorial Library



Course Based Bibliographic Instruction


These sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the class.  These sessions acquaint the students with resources and services available through the Russell Memorial Library.  Students will be able to locate and evaluate research based resources to complete his or her research projects and assignment.  Hands on or lecture based sessions are available. 


Please contact the office of the Director of Library Services to schedule a session at 434.848.1840 or email mfinney@saintpauls.edu.  Please request an appointment 7 days in advance to allow for scheduling and preparation.


Library Skills Workshops


Library Skills Workshops are designed to acquaint students in searching specific databases, finding books and videos, using different citation styles, and writing research papers.  Students are also taken on a general tour of the library.  Students are asked to complete seek and find assignments at the conclusion of the session.  All students completing the Library Skills Workshop are given a Certificate of Completion. 


Library Orientation


General library orientation sessions are conducted as part of the Orientation 111-112 classes.  Students not enrolled in Orientation 111 and 112 may familiarize themselves with the Russell Memorial Library by visiting the Virtual Tour section of the libraryís homepage.  It is the goal of the Library Orientation class to ensure that students will be able to utilize, evaluate, and locate all resources and services available through the Russell Memorial Library. 


The Library Orientation sessions cover three class periods.


Class one:       Students are administered a Pre-test to gage the level of library knowledge. 

Class two:       General tour of the library and Scavenger Hunt disseminated

Class three:    Scavenger Hunt due and Post-test administered





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