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(Effective March 1, 2009)

Saint Paul's College purpose is to promote the intellectual development of students in a supportive educational environment.  Students must pursue and complete the academic requirements necessary to obtain their baccalaureate degree in a timely manner.

Accordingly, in compliance with the Higher Education Act and state government requirements for Title IV aid, students at Saint Paul's College must maintain satisfactory academic progress towards a degree.

Saint Paul's College satisfactory academic progress considers both the number of credits completed (quantity) and grade point average (quality) in addition to expected time frames for progress and degree completion.

Saint Paul's College requires at least 120 credit hours to complete a degree program and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.  Students can register for a maximum of 180 credit hours (excluding repeated courses) during their tenure at the college.

To be a full-time student requires enrolling in 12 or more credit hours each semester.  Full-time students will be allowed 6 years to complete a 4-year degree program.

To be a part-time student requires enrolling in at least 6 or more credit hours each semester to be eligible for federal aid.

According to the satisfactory academic progress scale, students must meet the standards at the end of each academic year.  An academic year is defined as two consecutive semesters.

Full-Time Status

Academic Years 


Number of


Cumulative Grade

Point Average

Minimum Number of

Credit Hours Earned

1 2 1.6 18
2 4 1.8 42
3 6 2.0 72
4 8 2.0 96
5 10 2.0 120

Part-Time Status

Academic Years 


Number of


Cumulative Grade

Point Average

Minimum Number of

Credit Hours Earned

1 2 1.6 12
2 4 1.8 24
3 6 2.0 36
4 8 2.0 48
5 10 2.0 60
6 12 2.0 72
7 14 2.0 84
8 16 2.0 96
9 18 2.0 108
10 20 2.0 120


To demonstrate satisfactory academic progress for financial aid all students must meet both cumulative credit hours earned and cumulative grade point average requirements.  An evaluation will be made at the end of each academic year from Fall Semester to Spring Semester or from Spring Semester to Fall Semester – a total of 2 semesters.

Students who fail to meet the minimum standards as presented above will be placed on financial aid probation.  Financial aid probation provides for one academic year of financial aid.  Students who are suspended or expelled from Saint Paul's College for academic reasons will not be eligible for federal aid until required standards are met.

Reinstatement Process – Students whose financial aid has been terminated should meet with their academic advisor and devise a plan to remove incomplete grades, repeat failed courses and take courses in the summer session, if possible, to meet the minimum standards for academic process.

Withdrawals (W Grades), which are recorded on the student’s transcript, will be included as credits attempted and will have an adverse effect on the student’s ability to maintain satisfactory academic progress.  Students who officially withdraw from the college must make up the deficit hours and are encouraged to attend Summer School to remove the deficient hours.

The successful completion of a course is defined as receiving one of the following grades:  A, B, C or D.  Courses with grades of F, I and W will not qualify in meeting the minimum standards.


Repeated Courses – The highest course grade of repeated classes will be used in the required calculations.


Change of Major – A student may change from one major to another during attendance at the College.  Students who change from one major to another are still expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress and complete the course work within the time frame of hours limitation stated unless an appeal is approved.


Class Load – The number of hours in which a student is enrolled on the day following the published last day to add or drop a class will be used as the official census date for financial aid purposes.  Full-time status is 12 hours or more.


Transfer Students – Will be evaluated on the number of semester hours earned and the grade point average while in attendance at Saint Paul's College.


In order to be considered for financial aid eligibility, ACADEMICALLY SUSPENDED STUDENTS who return to the College are given two semesters and meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress outline based on the number of semesters enrolled.


Students will be evaluated at the end of each semester.  In certain cases can be reevaluated under unusual circumstances can be considered.

Incomplete Grades – Financial Aid – A student who has incomplete grades must remove them within sixty (60) days of enrollment (i.e., if classes start on August 15, grades must be in the Registrar’s Office by October 15) to be considered for financial aid eligibility for the year.

Non-Matriculating Students are not eligible for federal and state aid.


Academically Readmitted Students - Students who are readmitted by the Office of Academic Affairs are eligible for financial aid.


Financial Aid Appeal Process - Waivers for satisfactory academic progress will be considered if the student has suffered undue hardship as determined by the Office of Academic Affairs.  Students requesting as appeal must submit a letter requesting reinstatement to the Academic Affairs Office explaining the circumstances which affected the student’s academic performance.  All appeals should be addressed to the Vice President for President of Academic Affairs and on file in that office thirty (30) days before the first day of classes for the semester. All appeals will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.  The student will be notified in writing of the decision within thirty (30) working days of the request.

If the request is approved, the student must:  Schedule an appointment with an Advisor in their major to discuss their academic situation.


Students who disagree with the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ decision may request an appeal before the Financial Aid Appeals Committee.  The Financial Aid Appeals Committee consists of the Director of Financial Aid, the Registrar, and an Academic Affairs Representative, Student Government President and an alternate member.


The Vice President will evaluate the decision.  A second appeal of probation can be continued.

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