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Welcome Alumni!!

Welcome to the web page of the Saint Paul's College Office of Alumni Affairs. It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we launch this communications process, which is designed to provide current information concerning the association and its programs, as well as those of the College.

Our Alumni Association has functioned, uninterrupted, for approximately ninety-one years. It has served as an invaluable constituent of the College. Alumni have given generously of their time, energies and resources in furthering the cause of our beloved Alma-Mater.

Please be remindful of the major focus of our Association's support of Saint Paul's College. We serve as an advocate, provide assistance in the area of student recruitment, contribute unselfishly from a tangible perspective, and identify contributors near and far. Let us resolve to not only continue, but expand the level of overall support given to Saint Paul's College and the students who matriculate there. Let us maintain the level of "Giving Back" that has characterized our past support base, while increasing it as we move into the immediate future. The "Adventure In Faith" of our founder, Archdeacon James Solomon Russell continues unabated. The ball is now in our court. Let us move forward with renewed determination, commitment and dedication to "Thy Green Hills." So much depends on us, individually and collectively.

Dr. Dianne Barnes-Rhoades
Director of Alumni Affairs

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