The Campus

The 183 acre campus, with its rolling hills, is beautifully land-scaped with lawns, walks, shrubbery, and trees. Some of the older buildings were constructed by students and stand as fitting memo-rials to the friends of the College. The most important buildings are:

The Saul Building (1882);
Saint Paul's Memorial Chapel (1904);
Loulie Taylor Letcher Memorial Infirmary (1926);
Chicago Building (1928);
Student Center (1929);
Julia C. Emery Hall (1930);
William H. Scott Memorial Administration Building (1932);
Anna Ramsdell Johnston Memorial Hall (1933);
James Solomon Russell Memorial Library (1951);
William Ambrose Brown Hall (1951);
Mary E. Johnston Hall (1965);
Taylor Whitehead Gymnasium (1965);
Evelyn E. Holt Hall (1969);
Russell Edmonds Hall (1973);
The President's Home (1977);
S. Randolph Edmonds Hall (1977);
William W. Whitehead Hall (1979);
Oris P. Jones Hall (1981);
The Child Development Center (1992)
The John Thomason Student Center (2004)

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