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Program Emphasis For Business Administration

Instructional Modules

There are 12 instructional modules or courses. They are scheduled to allow the student to fit the program into an already busy schedule. The classes meet from 6.00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. two nights per week for 15 months of the program or more.

All Structured Independent Study is Mandatory!

Structured Independent Study may be done individually or in assigned groups as outlined by your Instructor with the approval of the Director of Extended and Continuing Studies.

Documentation is Mandatory Before the Instructor Submits a Grade

The instructional modules are scheduled over three semesters, totaling 42 hours, including prerequisite but not Credit for Prior Learning. The curriculum will be distributed in a series of notebooks, with detailed assignments for each week, helping you adjust your study schedule accordingly.  

Credit for Prior Learning

If you enter the program with less than 81 semester hours (51 is the minimum number for admission) or if you must still meet the General Education Requirements, you could earn up to 30 semester hours through credit for prior learning.

The 30 semester hours can be comprised of a number of sources: workshops, seminars, self-study, non-credit or unaccredited classes, training programs and work experiences.

Senior Project

To graduate, each student must complete a senior project. The student chooses a topic, which is usually work related (it may also be community related) and develops it during the last course of the program.

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