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Program Cost

Total Program Cost For 2008-2009 Academic Year $ 18, 462.00

Tuition and fees are due at the beginning of each term. The application fee is paid when the application is submitted. Books and materials are estimated at $450 per semester.

Tuition and Fees

Cost of program: Tuition is charged in three separate enrollment periods. Current tuition rates are enclosed in the application package. In addition, credit for prior learning is $450 for up to 30 credit hours. A Modified Institutional Assessment fee is $250 (late fee). A Faculty member will evaluate your work in the field that you are petitioning for credits.

Financial Aid

During the time that you are enrolled in the program, you will be classified as a full-time student and, therefore, eligible to apply for any federal loans or grants. You may also qualify for employer tuition assistance If you desire, the program director will assist you in obtaining the proper forms to apply for financial aid.

Financial Aid Contacts:

Mrs. Hester Austin Walker Ė Director of Financial Aid

434-848-6497 or haustin@saintpauls.edu

Ms. Joan Mayo, Financial Aid Assistant

434-848-6496 or jmauo@saintpauls.edu

Ms. Patricia Watkins, The Business Office

434-848-1875 or pwatkins@saintpauls.edu

Ms. Lois Lambert, Loan Office

434-848-6499 or llambert@saintpauls.edu

Employer Tuition Assistance

Many employers provide tuition assistance to encourage their employees to complete the degree program. The curriculum is sequential, so it is possible to turn in one or more completed course grades for reimbursement before the next semester begins. If your employer does not currently offer tuition reimbursement, a representative of the program is prepared to meet with a company representative to discuss developing such a policy.

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