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The  Accelerated Degree Completion Programs

This Web Page is designed to enlighten and inspire prospective students about the exciting and nontraditional degree completion programs at Saint Paul’s College.  In addition to the availability of courses at the main campus, the College offers the Executive Accelerated Degree Completion program in Business Administration at various locations (Richmond, Virginia; Farmville, Virginia; Franklin, Virginia). The different locations facilitate the ease in which students may enroll. The Accelerated Degree Completion Program in Religious Studies is only available on Saint Paul’s College’s main campus.  Future plans to offer the Religious Studies program at other locations along with the addition of the College’s Accelerated Degree Completion Program in Criminal Justice, is expected to occur in the Fall Semester 2008. 

The features and format of the Accelerated programs are designed for individuals who are already employed or have successful careers and their busy schedules do not permit them to pursue further studies in traditional fashion.  In most cases, students can receive credit for employment or military experiences to complete the number of hours that they may be need to meet the General Education Requirements.  Students who desire to obtain their degrees to fulfill their dreams, the Accelerated Degree Completion Programs are tailored to meet their needs. 

Please review the information on these pages and take advantage of this exciting “window of opportunity” today!  Enroll and start to earn a B.S. degree in Business Administration or B.A. degree in Religious Studies within the minimum15 months. 

The Office of Extended and Continuing Studies is waiting to assist you in answering questions that you may have, or provide you with additional information and materials  you need TODAY to begin receiving your degree RIGHT NOW! 

Thank you for visiting this site. 

Joanne Singleton, Director

Extended and Continuing Studies


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